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High-Quality Construction Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services

Although a pressure washing service will make your home appear brand new and remove accumulated filth and grime, there are certain things to take into account if you’ve been considering doing it yourself. You may study instructional manuals about pressure washing or watch movies about it, but you should be aware that it takes longer than it seems. Here are some reasons why you need OC Janitorial Service to help you with all your exterior & construction cleaning tasks. We operate throughout the Santa Ana, CA area.


You should rethink your choices if you decided not to call our skilled technicians. You’ll need to hire a power washer and the other pieces of equipment needed to operate it if you want to clean your house yourself. You’ll need to spend money on specialty ladders or other supplies. In order to use the pressure washer safely, you’ll also need to purchase safety equipment. When you do the statistics, using our service providers makes more sense financially and logically. You only need to pay a set fee that will cover all of the costs associated with power washing. Also, our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who will do the service for you will benefit from their expertise.


Although using a pressure washer is straightforward, it can still be dangerous for those without the proper training! Power washers now have a kickback since the water is so intense. When you attempt to clean your home on your own without our aid, you run the risk of injury if you are unfamiliar with this equipment. Consider the dangers associated with employing high-pressure tools that you don’t typically see. You’ll quickly understand that if you attempt to complete this activity alone, you run the risk of suffering major mishaps and injuries. Allowing our pressure washing service professionals to complete the job for you is always safer!

If you need our construction cleaning or pressure washing services for your property in Santa Ana, CA, call OC Janitorial Service at (949) 783-9034 today.

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